Thursday, 30 January 2014

NYC Recap

If you can't face reading the gory details of four hungry girls eating, shopping and partying their way through New York City then all you have to do is watch the highlights below. Crammed into 4 minutes and 43 seconds of pure (slightly pixelated) entertainment that only the four of us will truly understand. 


What an amazing holiday. Love my girls!

p.s. That video is RIDICULOUSLY small so click HERE to view in YouTube.
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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bagels, Bridges and Some Rooftop Swimming

With only six hours left in New York City you really have to prioritise what you want to do with your time. 

Breakfast is a must, so you may as well just make it a giant salmon and scallion cream cheese bagel for good measure. 

Jen seems pretty confident it was a good choice. 

And so did I for that matter. 

Suitably satiated we headed towards Brooklyn Bridge for one final sightseeing adventure on this perfect summer's day.

And taking mandatory snaps on the way, obviously.

Aaaaand get ready for the tourist snaps. 

Which wouldn't be complete without a little jumping all over the world.

Taking a little walk back to our hotel we ventured towards Chinatown.

And did some souvenir shopping for a very little person!
It was too cute not to.

And the one final, yet extremely tedious, task before heading to the airport?

Hitting the rooftop pool.

Well someone's gotta do it.
And it would be a sin to have stayed here and not given it a shot.

Mine and Jessica's next stop? The Caribbean!
(Don't hate us too much)

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Sex and the City

After a long night partying, sometimes all you want to do is get onto an air-conditioned coach and be driven around the city being taken to all the Sex and the City locations whilst being plied with crucial trivia. 

Luckily that is exactly what we had booked for this hungover morning. 

After a mad dash across town in hectic traffic (we still hadn't figured out NYC traffic by day 4) we arrived in the nick of time and boarded the bus outside The Plaza to start our much anticipated tour. 

Our fun and witty tour guide fired facts at us whilst driving through the city pointing out locations featured in the series. And us keen beans correctly answered every question she directed at us. Major lack of sleep and a slight hangover wasn't about to stop us from participating 100% in the tour. 

The first stop on the tour? A pizza parlour. 
It's like they read our minds. 

The bus actually parked perfectly equidistant between the pizza parlour and a sex shop, both featured in the series, and you got to pick one to go to.

Fat biiiittchesss pick pizza obviously.
And only when we had finished stuffing our faces we went for a browse in the shop. Ha!

After a number of stops at various locations across the city we were dropped off in Greenwich Village to do a little shopping and cupcake eating. 

Ladies be loving their cupcakes.

We even took a stroll down Perry Street where Carrie's apartment is based and obviously selected our future homes.

I'll take this one thanks!

Then it was back on the coach for one final stop. Steve's bar for a Cosmo!

Feeling slightly fragile from the night before we battled through to enjoy our drinks. 
Hair of the dog ladies.

The tour dropped us off in Midtown so we took a little wander through Bryant Park and watched a jazz band do their thing. 

Before heading to the bright lights of Times Square.

Jen and Jessica had to take their classic Jumping All Over the World shot that they've been doing ever since our Italy trip two years previously. 

And Rachael was designated Bag Lady whilst the jumping shots took place.

Our final night in NYC was spent doing some last minute catching up with friends, and eating sushi of course.

Luckily our hotel has one hell of a sushi restaurant, so we didn't even have to venture outside for this.
Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya provided us with some pretty decent tuna tartare and miso soup to start, followed by platter after platter of some of the most delicious sushi I had ever tasted.

Well worth a visit!

Then it was up in the elevator to the rooftop bar for some Amaretto Sours before we called it a night on one of the best trips ever!
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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Dinner and Drinks in Brooklyn and a Little Party Until Dawn

Cue the end of a ridiculously long and inexcusable hiatus.. Anywaaaaaay, back to NYC.

The hot and humid weather combined with riding the subway to Brooklyn left us feeling slightly deflated and by the time we arrived in the borough we were starving and in need of a hearty meal.

Now, if only we could find our recommended restaurant...

Aimlessly wandering served its purpose and we eventually arrived at Zaytoons.

These smiling faces says it all. 

Glasses topped up with cold, crisp wine we ordered a selection of Middle Eastern delights. 

Garlic-laden flat breads, crispy hot falafel, bowls of rich hummus and the tastiest baba ghanoush in the world arrived at our table just in time for Jessica to squeeze some lemon juice straight into Rachael's eye.


Not one to be phased by something a little acidic, she tucked into the feast anyway.

Finishing dinner we hopped in a cab and headed up to Williamsburg to The Wythe Hotel to meet a dear old friend for a drink. We hadn't seen Lee in 8 years so we had quite a bit to catch up on.

Also constant chatting, a number of cocktails and a dark night leads to blurry pictures.
And this is the best we could come up with. 

A couple of drinks, great company and a decent view can really make your night.

Soon it was time for another cab ride back to Manhattan, a whirlwind change at the hotel (and maybe another sneaky drink) then it was Uptown to Hudson Terrace for a few drinks and catchup with some old school friends. And finally over to Lavo to dance the night away until the early hours. 


And just like any other night out what's a girl to do at 3am? Find a chip shop OBVIOUSLY.
So this wasn't your standard chippy, more like a 24-hour upscale diner but they obliged and made Jen some chips.

Cheers pal.

Well you can't say no to these cheery faces, can you?

The funny thing about New York is that in a city of over a million people, sometimes you just happen to bump into the person that is staying right in your hotel and they invite you to their penthouse suite for a party.

Don't mind if we do. Love thy neighbour and all that jazz.

Ok, so we went mainly for the views. And they certainly did not disappoint. 

Finally deciding to call it a night at 5:30am, we only had to take an elevator down a couple of floors to get home. And we made it just in time for sunrise.

Good morning!

Finishing off our longest day yet, we allowed ourselves a little lie-in the next day. 
But obviously not too long, we are in New York City - you can't waste a minute!
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